Friday, 4 June 2010

The Mousetrap Snapped Shut...

...and, actually, there is nothing much to say. Israel is in the news, and IDF is Jack the Ripper. I have been asked to write a few notes, so this is what I am going to do here, as well. Just a few words, to sum up what I think, without implying that I am the only one in the right, and without commenting on what I know nothing about...

I believe this one boat - one out of many - should have never been boarded. I am not a military expert so any further comments on the fact itself would just look idiotic. I don't want to write anything more than that. I feel it would have been unfair to the 163 who died in Nigeria today. Unfair to the 30 000 who died in Sukhumi within a few weeks, without a single person knowing about it Norway except me, I think, and a few refugees from around there. Unfair to the 2 million Armenian refugees and at least 600,000 dead in the genocide of 1914 to 1918.

The fleet of activists, whose testimonies are so precious in the face of the bloodthirsty Israeli agressor, have mostly been sleeping on lower decks or been tucked away for protection. The one who was actually taking part in the commotion arrived in Norway looking so happy I would have given him a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I understand, he has many reasons for his joy. They have put up a show yesterday discussing how well they can hear the difference between rubber bullets and live fire... Somehow the fact that they sailed from another occupied territory (where the occupying power had just vowed to finish off the remaining Armenians!) has never bothered them. Well, I suppose it's all about choosing sides.

I am sorry for the Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps, who are not allowed to buy property or take up employment outside the camps, and are now third generation refugees. The best they can do is rent an apartment, for a special law has been passed - prohibiting their integration into society.

I remember when war broke out in Somalia, Yemen opened its borders unconditionally, accepting anyone who could come. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands. Nobody wanted to do the same for the Arab Palestinian refugees. I feel sorry for the poor people who have been condemnded by their fellow Arabs to become the tool for manipulating and destroying Israel. I feel sorry for the people in Gaza who are held hostage to the power play and fed by slogans of the kind 'history is on our side'. History is always on everybody's side - you just tell it the way you like it.

After WWII, the Jews that were arrested and deported from Norway - by Norwegians! - never got a penny, much less a fraction of their property which has been confiscated from them. It is very interesting to hear the descendants of those very people, who denied any compensation to the Jews, advocate for the Palestinian right of return. It is even MORE interesting to hear them say that the Greeks from the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus DO NOT have the right of return. I suppose, history is not on their side. Alas. Poor Greeks.

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