Monday, 4 January 2010


I am sitting in the Crystal Lounge in Prague airport - hurray to democracy, you only have to pay to get access, regardless your ticket.
As I was making myself some coffee, a girl of about 5 came up, and asked me - in Russian - where does one find juice. Not in the least bit surprised that I answered her - in Russian, as well - she accepted the juice I found her and went away. I think she has just left for Moskow. She came up some 10 minutes ago, to watch the airplanes taking off, and I asked her where she was going. I am going to Tel Aviv. She asked me whether I will be back here soon. I will be back in three months, I said. Then I will never see you again, she replied. Bye. Bye.
And I am still here, watching the planes, drinking wine, tea, and water with lemon. Soon to take off... And I will never see her again. And I will never come here again, perhaps. Or perhaps I will... that's what airports are all about, I guess...

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