Sunday, 17 January 2010

John 2:1-11, The Wedding at Cana

"O woman, what have you to do with me? My hour has not yet come"

Jesus says these words to his Mother not to be harsh to her - because she apparently understood him as granting her request, and called for the servants. I think he meant something else, I think he was thinking of another day when the hour would come.

When they would be drunk - but not with wine, when they would be satisfied - but not with food, when they will see that all their longings and desires were in fact stemming from only one insatiable desire - for the Lord their God. He would give Himself freely and fully to them, and every time feed on Him would be a wedding feast!

The hour has maybe even come several times -or was manifesting itself in different ways - on the cross when it had been accomplished; in the room of the Last Supper, when he gave Himself to his disciples; at Pentecost - in the same place, it had to be! - when they were drunk, but not with wine.

The Lord comes at Mass, body and blood, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and fills us. That hollow emptiness that would only be filled by Him. His hour is come, he is here. I often feel touched by the Holy Spirit when bread and wine become body and blood. This is the wedding feat of the Lamb! Blessed are those who are called to it, says the priest.

And I believe this may have been what Jesus had in mind. That his disciples would be drunk with the Holy Spirit in the same room where he gave Himself to them - to feast on Him. That we now, too, would be filled with the Holy Spirit as we feast on Him at Mass. That is His hour.

Then, at Cana, it had not yet come. But He knew that it would - one day, through shedding of His own blood, wine would again be transformed, and would become the true drink, the true living water. The Word made flesh would transform our own flesh and lift us up to His divinity...

And the old tradition says that in the very room where He gave Himself to them - the Holy Spirit came...

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